Special issue of Translation Spaces

Edited by Joss Moorkens, Dorothy Kenny, and Félix do Carmo. Now available in print and from the Translation Spaces site.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Dorothy Kenny, Joss Moorkens and Félix do Carmo

“A tiny cog in a large machine”: Digital Taylorism in the translation industry – Joss Moorkens

 “Time is money” and the value of translation – Félix do Carmo

Risks in neural machine translation – Carmen Canfora & Angelika Ottmann

Social groups in machine translation post-editing: A SCOT analysis – Akiko Sakamoto & Masaru Yamada

Machine translation in the news: A framing analysis of the written press – Lucas Nunes Vieira

Machine translation, ethics and the literary translator’s voice – Dorothy Kenny & Marion Winters

Machine Translation and Fair Access to Information – Mary Nurminen & Maarit Koponen

Book Review: Minako O’Hagan (ed). 2020. The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Technology – Christopher D. Mellinger

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