Accepted Papers

We were delighted with the response to our call for abstracts. The following have been accepted for presentation at the workshop on August 20th.

Implementing MTPE into a real industrial scenario: what do translators need for a fair MT workflow?
Sergi Alvarez, Antoni Oliver, Toni Badia

Consequences of automation in the translation supply chain
Félix do Carmo

Translation as commodity or commons? A wider social issue
Claire Larsonneur

A Labour of Love: Indications and Implications of Human Translators’ Attachment to their Craft
Silke Lührmann

Translating perceptions and managing expectations: an interview study on the role of MT in translation production networks
Lucas Nunes Vieira, Elisa Alonso

Promoting ethical and sustainable use of MT in the translation industry: A case in Japan 
Akiko Sakamoto, Masaru Yamada

We would like to thank all of those who submitted an abstract and look forward to interesting and enlightening presentations at the workshop. A detailed schedule and the full abstracts will be posted on or around June 17th.

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